Creating A Quality Business Essay UAE

Is It Easy to Write an UAE Business Essay?

Writing a business essay whether for school or for your MBA is not an easy task. Business covers so many different disciplines from finance to quality and yet you will have to be able to write something meaningful no matter the subject area. To achieve this takes time and often a huge amount of research if the area is new to you so writing your essay on business can be a highly time consuming and difficult task. The following tips will help you with writing your essay:

Preparing for Your Essay

Like any other essay sample, your UAE business essay is going to want to follow the typical structure for an essay:

  • Introduction
  • Main body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

For the standard 5 paragraph essay you will have three main body paragraphs but of course depending on the expected size of your essay will dictate the number of paragraphs that you will need. With any essay it is often best to start with an outline of what you want to write. This does not need to be complicated and it will save you a huge amount of time when you write your essay and will help to ensure that your essay makes sense.

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Your essay sections should cover all of the following for an argumentative or persuasive style of an essay:

  • This should open with a hook, usually an anecdote, quotation, or even just a simple summary of what you are going to discuss.
  • State your thesis; the argument that you are going to prove. This is the whole point of your essay.
  • Say how you are going to prove your thesis.

Main body Paragraphs:

  • Each paragraph should be a single subject in support of your argument.
  • Start and end with your strongest arguments
  • Each paragraph needs to set the context of your example and show how it supports your thesis


  • This should refer back to your opening hook in some way.
  • Needs to summarize how your arguments prove your restated thesis.
  • Will provide a call to action or a personal comment on the subject.

As with any essay you will want to ensure that each section will flow into the next so it is important to think carefully about your transitions. An essay that is just a list of bullet pointed facts is not going to persuasive or engaging. You have to keep the readers eye on the page and their mind on what you are saying by providing flow to tie everything together.

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