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The Importance of Your UAE Essay Writing

From high school through to PhD programs you will be asked to write essays as part of your course work or as assignments. Most of these essays will count towards the grades that you will receive and must be written perfectly if you are going to get the very best grades. Just a few simple mistakes in your writing can see your grades plummet. So learning how to do your essay writing well is very important if you want to get the best grades on your subjects. The following essay writing tips will help you to improve your essays:

Tips for Better Essay Writing

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If you want to have the best possible essay then it is always best to plan your essay right from the start. Your planning does not need to be overly hard and will often lead to a smoothly written essay that is much easier to write. Outlining an essay does not need to be difficult. You just need to make a few notes to cover the main points of your essay using a typical format for an essay:

  • Your Introduction:
    • Find a good opening line to act as your hook. This should be an interesting quote, a statistic, something shocking, or even just a brief outline of your subject.
    • Define your thesis, what is your essay actually about?
    • Explain how you will support your thesis
  • The body of your essay:
    • Select arguments to support your thesis if an argumentative essay; a standard essay will usually require 3 paragraphs. If your essay is longer then you will require more.
    • Start and end with your most supportive or strongest arguments.
    • Provide a context for your subject.
    • Provide your argument.
    • Show how it specifically supports your main thesis.
  • The conclusion of your essay:
    • Summarize your main arguments in support.
    • Refer back to your introduction.
    • Restate your proven thesis.
    • Make a call to action of your own or a personal comment.

Your essay must also flow throughout. While your outline may just be a series of notes you have to join those notes with a logical flow to lead the reader from your engaging hook right through to your final words. Transitions to join your argument and sections together are very important and need to be used carefully to ensure that your essay reads well rather than as a list.

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