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Why Is Essay Editing So Hard?

The best written essays will always get the best grades yet writing that perfectly written essay eludes most of us. None of us can write perfectly on the first try and even if we read through our work several times we will often still miss glaringly obvious errors and fail to pick up on better ways of saying things. Few of us can edit our own work effectively as we are just too familiar with what we have written or at least what it is that we were trying to write. However the following tips will help you with getting your essay edited effectively:

How to Do Your Own Essay Editing

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Essay editing can be made more effective if you approach it in a methodical manner as a professional would. The biggest problem with editing your own work however is your own familiarity so the longer that you can leave between writing and do your editing the better. The following are some simple tips to help you make editing your essay easier:

  • Start with your software: most word processing programs are quite effective at catching most common spelling mistakes and even some grammatical issues. However they will not catch everything.
  • Always start by reviewing the big picture: does your business essay have a start, middle and end and does everything flow logically towards your conclusion. Do you actually address the thesis stated in your introduction?
  • Make your writing easier to check by doing some or even all of the following:
    • Change to a font different to that in which you have written
    • Make the font size bigger so that it is easier to read
    • Print the work out rather than editing on the screen
    • Use a pointer such as your pen to touch each word as you go through
    • Hide the next sentence with a ruler
    • Work through your work backwards
  • Reading your essay aloud will help you to find many issues that you would otherwise miss.
  • Use a dictionary to ensure that your word choices are correct such as confusing desert and dessert.
  • Search for just one type of error at a time or seek to make one form of improvement at a time such as searching for spelling mistakes or improving word choices.

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