UAE Essay Revision in Effective Way

Why Is Essay Revision So Important?

Whether at high school or further into your education you will be asked to provide essays as assignments and even as part of your class work. Essays will often contribute in a major way to your overall grades so it is important that you work hard to ensure that they are written perfectly so that you will earn the very best grades through your writing. But few of us write that perfectly and it is vital that we revise our essays carefully prior to submission if we want them to be the best they can be. Essay writing, revision and editing however should be far more than just a quick read through. It needs to be approached methodically and very carefully if you want it to be effective and to help you improve your grades.

Tips for Effective Essay Revision

Making your essay revision effective is not easy when you are looking at your own work. We are often blind to our own mistakes and can rarely see how we could improve something with better wording. Yet it is of course the cheapest way of improving our writing and can help us to better learn how to write. The following are some simple tips to help you to improve your editing techniques:

  • Always try to leave a few days or more between editing and writing so that the work is less fresh in your mind.
  • Approach your editing by looking for one issue at a time when you work through your essay.
  • Always begin by looking at the big picture with your essay:
    • Have you answered what you have been asked to write about?
    • Does your opening get the attention of the reader?
    • Does your essay flow from the very start through to your final conclusion?
    • Do your main body paragraphs support what the essay is about?
    • Does the conclusion refer back to your opening and your thesis?

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  • When looking for writing issues such as spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes you need to slow down your reading so that you are more likely to spot them. This can be achieved through using all or some of the following:
    • Print your work out rather than reading it on the screen
    • Use a different font to that in which you usually write
    • Make the font size bigger so that the words are easier to read
    • Touch each word in turn as you read them
    • Mask adjacent sentences so that you concentrate on one sentence at a time
    • Read through your work in reverse
  • Read your whole essay aloud and take care to read each word as it is written. This will help you to identify sentences that are worded poorly as well as poorly structured transitions between sections of your essay.
  • Use a dictionary if you are not 100% sure of which word means which. If you use a thesaurus do not select words which no one will understand.

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