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The Importance of a Good Essay

If you want to get through your education with the best grades then you are going to need to fully understand exactly how to write an essay. But writing a good essay is not always easy and you may need some help and guidance along the way. A good way to see how to write an essay is to see how others have written them and look at both good and bad essay samples. Luckily we are here to help with our professional essay writing services. An essay sample lets you see for yourself how things should be done, or in some cases not done:

Example of Poor Essay Writing

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This essay sample is an example of how not to write your essay:

“Brown and Green grew up together in a Lazy town in Nevada and after he wrote about his friends discoveries. The methods for improving livestock growth were impossible to discover but somehow he did it and his friend was the one that got famous for his discoveries. Despite these insurmountable problems the friends remained friends and he went on to have an interesting career.”

The following are some of the issues with the above extract:

  • Who is the first sentence talking about? Who wrote Brown or Green?
  • Did they grow up in the town together and then one of them wrote or did one of them write and then they grew up in the town?
  • The second sentence; again who is the subject?
  • If something was “impossible to discover” how did he discover it?
  • If problems are “insurmountable” how did they get over them?

A better essay sample extract would read something like this:

“Green’s methods for improving livestock growth were a major breakthrough at the time of his discoveries; however it was not Green that gained fame and fortune for his discoveries. Despite all of the hard work that Green had put into his discoveries it was in fact Brown that published the findings and created the consultancies to earn from what his childhood friend had discovered. Despite this however the two remained friends and Green continued to run the family farm that he loved. Green continued to come up with new methods for improving livestock farming and was happy to stay out of the limelight by having Brown spread his discoveries.”

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